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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Win a WRAITH Collector's Package - the exciting prequel to James R. Hannibal's SHADOW CATCHER - Including a Signed, Numbered, First Print Hardcover, a signed revised audio edition, and more!

Calling all photo bugs and black ops fiction fans...



Merry Christmas!

James and are giving away a signed, numbered edition of the original WRAITH Hardcover, one of the first fifty printed and presented to the author. Along with it, the winner will receive a StealthCommand T-shirt and a Triple Seven ops unit patch, all part of The Collector's Package found here at, the only retailer licensed to sell StealthCommand gear.

Additionally, the winner will receive a signed revised audio edition of WRAITH, created to bring James's first work in line with the new Nick Baron series and narrated by 2012 Narrator of the Year, Luke Daniels!

The audio book will release on 1 January and is available for pre-order here.

To win, submit a black ops (covert ops) themed photo on the James R. Hannibal Facebook page or on the free Stealth Ops App HQ wall, or both. The contestant with the most likes from users on the Facebook page and replies on the Stealth Ops HQ wall COMBINED by Christmas Eve will win!  

Note: Replies on Stealth Ops from each unique user will only be counted once. Having your mom reply to your photo post 100 times a day will not help. (We won't hog-tie you, but we won't count 'em either.)


  • Photos should have a general black ops (covert ops) theme - like those in this post. They DO NOT have to include weapons. Be creative and sky's the limit!
  • KEEP IT CLEAN - No foul language, no sexually suggestive poses. This is a family site. Violators will be deleted and banned!
  • KEEP IT SAFE - Do not point real weapons at each other, loaded or not. We should all know that guns are not toys. Always treat them as deadly instruments.
  • Yes, you can totally post the same photo on Facebook and on Stealth Ops. We will add up your total FB likes and Stealth Ops HQ replies. Unique user Stealth Ops HQ replies will only be counted once - IE Don't get your buddy to reply over and over, it won't help.
  • Yes, you can like your own photo and reply once to your own HQ post (try, "I love me!"). We're all about positive self image, here.
  • Style points from James for working in a copy of SHADOW CATCHER. (But NO ACTUAL POINTS towards victory, no purchase is necessary for this contest!)
  • The winner will be announced on New Year's Day.
That's it. Get shooting and get posting! We can't wait to see your pics!!!

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