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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Cheeseburger anyone?

It's so easy to let Memorial Day become just another day off—a day to feast on brazed meats or just catch up on your yard work.

Let's not forget what Memorial Day is really about. It's about... er... the memorial. No mystery there.

Memorial Day is all about remembering the sacrifices of the fallen. It is about celebrating the victory of those Americans who gave their lives to ensure our freedoms and the freedoms of others.

To help you and yours stay on top of this remembrance in the midst of all that barbeque, I've concocted a few games: five short, easy quizzes and one weird game of hangman. I would have built more hangman games for you, but upon completing the first one, it just didn't seem like that morbid stick figure fit very well with Memorial Day.

You can access each one of the games using the links below. As to the five-question quizzes, once you complete one of them, you can elect to continue and roll through them all without ever returning to this page.

God bless you, and enjoy your Memorial Day,

James R. Hannibal


American Wars Quiz

American Battles Quiz

 Name the Aircraft Quiz

Name the Military Vehicle Quiz


Misunderstood Drone Hangman

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