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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Amazing, Spot-on Response to the "Peaceful Islam" Argument

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This is an amazing monologue that every American needs to hear.

But I'd like to add an important point:

The statistic Brigitte cites for radicalized Islam is commonly quoted and terribly misleading. 15-25% of Muslims are radicalized by many intelligence accounts. More politically correct polls reduce that figure to 7%. But neither estimate accounts for a much larger percentage that favors the actions of those radical Muslims.

The number that quietly and intellectually supports the radicals is significantly harder to quantify. Certainly it depends on what exactly constitutes "radicalized" and what questions you ask in a poll.

This excellent article on WikiIslam compiles some of the data, showing that the figure of supporters of radical Islam can range from 40% to almost 90% depending on the poll and on the country you're in. For instance, polling indicates that 87% of Pakistanis believe that Muslims who convert to another religion should be killed.

To use the words that a wise individual once said to me, "Saying that only 15% of Muslims are radical because only that number actively participates in radical activities is like saying only 15% of Americans support abortion because only 15% are active abortion lobbyists or work for Planned Partenthood."

God Bless,
James R. Hannibal

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