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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A US Child Murdered by US Funded Terrorists: An open letter to Secretary of State John Kerry

Photo courtesy Israeli Defense Forces

The teens kidnapped by Hamas have been found. Murdered. The terrorists left their bodies in a ditch to rot. One of them was a US citizen.

The President of the United States has condemned this act and acknowledged that the IDF's mounting evidence points to Hamas. Hamas has denied the accusation and yet celebrated—rather exulted—in the kidnappings and killings.

Yet, our State Department is continuing to send foreign aid to Hamas through the unity government it formed with the Palestinian Authority. $440 million will go to this terrorist government in 2014 alone. How is this possible? Where is the outcry?

I have spent the morning writing every politician I can think of to ask what they are doing to stop our State Department from funding terrorists who have shown a willingness to attack not just our allies, but our own citizens. Sending money to these terrorists is an act of treason.

I also wrote Secretary of State John Kerry directly. The letter is below.

Secretary Kerry, I am certain that you have seen the news this morning. Three children are dead—one of them held US citizenship. Hamas, a terrorist organization, is behind the killings, along with more rocket attacks in recent days. You called the kidnappings of these children a "despicable terrorist act."

And yet you have gone to great lengths to ensure that foreign aid continues to flow to the Palestinian Authority unity government, a government that now includes these "despicable" terrorists. Frankly, your money and your mouth just don't agree.

Stop funding Hamas via the Palestinian Authority. If I donated thousands, even hundreds, to Hamas or Hezbollah, you would brand me a traitor and lock me in jail. You, sir, are sending hundreds of millions to terrorists who within weeks of striking that deal turned on you and kidnapped and killed one of your own citizens. Are you a traitor, sir? You certainly look like one to me.

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