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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Stealth Ops - The Girl in the Bar

Spoiler Alert: Read SHADOW MAKER before reading this epilogue for the girl in the bar.



With support from the US Defense Intelligence Agency, the Hungarian Terrorelhárítási Központ—the TEK—conducted a midnight raid on the Black Dog nightclub, uncovering a human trafficking hub and a forced-prostitution ring.

The raid resulted in the arrest of seven corrupt Budapest police officers and constituted the largest blow to the Bratva yet achieved by Hungary's fledgling counterterrorism organization. As part of the joint operation, both the US and Hungary offered citizenship to the young Ukrainian and Russian women freed from the Bratva.

One Ukrainian girl with fair skin and raven hair took the offer. Her DIA case officer was a blond man who wore glasses and always spoke to her through a translator, yet she found him vaguely familiar. He set her up in a spare room at the home of a female FBI agent—on extended leave to recover from a biological attack—and got her a job as a barista at Charla's, the coffee shop on Joint Base Andrews.

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