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Monday, April 4, 2016

Stealth Ops - Shadow Maker Epilogue 1


Spoiler: Read SHADOW MAKER before reading this or any of the forthcoming epilogue files marked Stealth Ops.

A brilliant twelve year-old boy, American born, of Arab descent, caught in the crossfire between a covert ops team and his terrorist father. 


Masih Kattan was collateral damage. 


Documented in the mission files. Accepted by the powers that be. 

Roaring up Maryland's Route 301 in his '67 Mustang a month after returning from Israel, Nick considered the cost of Amjad's revenge.

Thirty-four innocent Americans had died in the DC suicide bombing, eight hundred fifty-seven from the black pox. Nineteen Brits were killed by the bombs under Paternoster Square, and fourteen investors and executives from six nations had committed suicide in the wake of the market crash. For two straight weeks, Muslims all over the world rioted over the desecration of the Noble Sanctuary mosques. Dozens were killed, countless more were injured.

Every outcome had consequences, and every set of consequences a new set of potential outcomes. Could this all be called the extended collateral damage of Nick's own mission nine years before? He wondered how long the dominoes would continue to fall.

Nick allowed himself a rueful smile. Not all outcomes were bad. He and Walker had given a few of those dominoes a little push to make sure they fell in the right place.

Read more Stealth Ops files on this blog, coming April 2016, to learn how the final dominoes fell . . .

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